Sailing Apps

Jan 28, 2012

Want to learn to sail or already a pro? These are great apps to have at your hands to learn more and stay on top of your game. Just remember not to drop your phone in the water!

Sailing Knots

This app isn’t obviously going to teach you a lot about sailing. It really is simply going to teach you different knots you might use on your boat. I would have liked to have see better integration with where you’d use a knot (and what types of boats use these most often). You want to have some knot cred so knowing what is most common would be helpful.


Sailing Dictionary

Use this app so you can use your words and learn the proper terms for everything related to sailing.


Sailing Log

Track your sailing for your own records or to gain cred. This app isn’t cheap but if you’re a geek this might be for you.


Sail Magazine

Like many magazine apps the app is free but you’ll pay for the content. That said with this app you’ll get content ranging from casual sailing to hard core racing and everything in between. If you’re looking for a broad range of sailing news this app (and it’s $10 a year subscription cost) may be for you.


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