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Apr 19, 2010

As a blogger that frequents a lot of other blogs and news sites, having everything aggregated in a handy RSS reader is crucial. These are a few of the ones I’ve tried and like so far.


It’s one of the most minimal, clean-looking reader apps I’ve seen yet. Very simple, very straightforward and syncs quickly to your Google reader subscriptions. One of my favorite parts is the display when you click on a feed – you get the date, post title, blog or news site name, and then a really snazzy preview/excerpt of the post.



This was one of the first ones I tried, and I like it, but don’t find that it syncs as quickly as the other apps I’ve seen. My favorite piece to this one is the prominent “mark all as read” button when you open a feed. Hey, we’re busy sometimes right?


MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

I really like the look and feel of this one. It’s clean and the icons are clear and easy to navigate. Reeder is still faster, but I really like how clean the reading display is and the navigation is on this app.


Google app — Search made just for mobile

Google’s app itself is actually a pretty good way to get to your Reader. It opens reader in Safari on your phone, so if you consider it a downfall that it leaves the app, there’s that. However, it looks JUST like being in Reader, so if you like that consistency and you don’t want to leave that comfort zone, it’s perfect for you.


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