RopeDash, an arcade style rope game

Jul 13, 2016

RopeDash is an exciting new arcade style rope game. Aimed towards making those boring waiting rooms at the dentist or long treacherous lines at the pharmacy a little interesting.

RopeDash harnesses the concept of endless runner games and adds a fun twist of ropes to it. It requires you to master the skill of timed tapping in order to avoid rapid moving trees, satellites, cinder blocks, surf boards, poles and much more.

The game consists of 5 unique backgrounds such as jungle or space just to name a few. It further enhances your experience by letting the user chose from 15 different characters.

Rope Dash reveal

Rope dash intro video revealed, check it out now…

The major twist in the game includes some characters that feature special powers like a disappearing ninja, the glitch who can go back in time; or Mr.Smash who can ram through obstacles without breaking a sweat; or Dr.Freeze who can turn into a ball of ice in mid air.

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