Rocky Road: the classic rock-paper-scissors on mobile

Jun 23, 2016

Rocky Road is a minimalist puzzle game, based on the rock-paper-scissors-theme. The rules of the game are simple. Rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock, and scissors cut paper.

The premise of Rocky Road is that you must swipe the objects in the right order, to clean the board on each level. Easy at first, and you actually get to feel pretty smart, but it gets harder and harder. There are 100 levels, and to beat each and every one of them without using the help-button, you must probably have a brain capable of getting you into a space program. In case you get stuck on a level, you can always use the heart-option, which allows you to get a hint of the next move, if you watch an advertisement video. The level design is incredibly well-crafted, and it will take a considerable amount of time until you learn all the features.

There is no level counter, which might make you feel a bit lost at times, but there is progress bar where you can see how far into the game you are. Highly addictive, this game may seem simple at first, but will grow on you until the only thing you can see when you close your eyes is your next move.


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