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Jan 15, 2012

If you’re a rock climber in the US these apps can help you find new places. Time for a road trip?

Joshua Tree Rock Climbs Lite

The full version of this app is very spendy- over $30- so give this free app a try to see if you like the functionality. For free you get 130 routes which may well be enough for a quick climbing trip. Love that you at least get to try this out before you drop the big bucks.


Red River Gorge Rock Climbs Lite

$30 for the full version so you’ll want to try this lite one first. This guide like the others is a part of Wolverine Publishing’s printed version. Best part? No need for an internet connection. Totally important if you’re in the middle of nowhere!


Meadow River Gorge Rock Climbs

Cheaper than most and doesn’t have a lite option so pony up for this full paid version if you think you’ll be here to climb enough to warrant it.


New River Gorge Rock Climbs Lite

As always, go for the lite version first. You’ll pony up for the full version if you get to climb here enough.


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