Rock CLimbing guides outside the US

Jan 15, 2012

I have a good friend who loves to travel the world and rock climb. I know he’d love these apps and if you’re a climber this list is for you too!

Rock Climbing Guide Thailand

While I haven’t been able to personally test this app in the field (developers, please send me to Thailand so I can check out your app!) the fact that you can add your own information to the app makes it extra cool. Unless you’re a native this app will help you find all sorts of great spots all over Thailand, Laos and China.


Austria – Rock Climbing Guide

You not only get to learn about a ton of different routes in Austria but you can track your climbs and earn extra rock climbing cred. Nice!


Sydney Rock Climbing Guide

You can enter the type of climb you want, rating, height, etc and this app will find you a climb. Cool.


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