Roadside Assistance Done Easily with Jrop

Published by Kevin Chau in Travel
24 Nov 2017

Although the car is one of the best forms of modern transportation that offers an unparalleled level of mobility, mechanical issues that arise can cause a significant amount of inconvenience. As many car-based apps help users to identify various problems, the tools and technical skills needed to carry out the repairs as they occur are not readily available to many drivers. Given that drivers are not technically familiar with the mechanical nature of cars, many simple issues may require a car servicing specialist who charges a significant rate for their work. As a result, Jrop is a tool that is able to save users a significant amount of money, time, and stress.

In the event that a car experiences issues, users are able to get professional servicing wherever they are at affordable rates through Jrop. Regarded as the Uber of car servicing and repairs, users can get a Roadside Assitance professional to them in a matter of minutes without having to call a dedicated agent and then wait for the mechanic to arrive without accurate knowledge on how long it would take. As a result, Jrop makes this process seamless by allowing users to simply select the kind of help that they are looking for and then request a mechanic. From there, the location of the mechanic is shown to indicate how much longer it will be until they arrive so that users are not left without knowledge of the timeframe.

Regarded as the Uber of car servicing and repairs, users can get a mechanic to them in a matter of minutes without having to call a dedicated agent

Applicable to both large and small issues, users are able to request help for any kind of problem from battery issues to gas delivery and can even request towing services. As all of the mechanics have a license and have gone through background checks, users can be sure that the repairs are proper and are done at a fair price. One of the best features of the service is that Jrop does not require a plan as with competing car servicing companies which may have an annual fee even if no servicing calls are made. This means that users only pay for each time they use the service instead of having to pay even if their car does not need additional repairs.

Although very few downsides exist with such an app, it is currently only available on iOS and for drivers in the US. As a result, a significant number of people who are not on Apple devices are excluded from the service although this is expected to be alleviated in the near future. For this reason, Jrop is an app that leverages the sharing-economy model to the field of roadside assistance to disrupt the traditional model of vehicle repairs.

Available 24/7 and with an average wait time of less than 30 minutes, Jrop is a must-have tool that can significantly reduce the stress associated with various car problems at a fraction of the price. Available on iOS and coming to Android soon, the benefits associated with using an on-demand roadside assistance app far surpasses the traditional methods of subscriptions, calling, and waiting in order to receive help when vehicle issues arise.

Developer: Jrop LLC
Price: Free
Developer: Jrop LLC
Price: Free