Road Trip Portland

Apr 10, 2010

If you live in Seattle your favorite in the US road trip city is probably Portland. A bit more walkable and fantastically fun I love this city when I need to get away on the cheap. Here’s the apps to make this city even better, and at least one that makes you a bit green with jealousy.

Pinball Map

Maybe it’s just me but the most important part of any city is it’s pinball availability (OK, it’s probably just me). This app lets you search by machine or location so you can easily get the appropriate pinball fix no matter where you are in the city. Essential for everyone. Clearly.


PDX Reporter

Stupid Portland and your city apps that let you report graffiti, potholes and the like. So very hip and connected and I can even take a picture of my “problem” and track my report. Totally annoying. And of course totally amazing government interaction.


Portland Cocktail Compass

You’re in Portland, you’re relaxing and you want to find a happy hour and/or happy hour food. This is your app. Figure out what happy hours are around you and see how much time you have left before they’re done. Worth having on your phone if you travel to Portland ever.



Need to keep up on traffic and things to do while travelling to Portland? Not a problem, this app has you covered. Now you can tell if you should stop for dinner on the way to Portland to avoid city rush hour or just drive on through.


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