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Published by Sam Eskenazi on Racing

Road Draw Rider is a platforming game focused on building the roads you drive on.

At the start of Road Draw Rider, you are presented with your small little dirt bike and rolling hills. Your bike moves forward endlessly, using a small fuel gauge at the top as a resource. Your task is to continuously draw roads along the way to ensure your bike doesn’t flip it over – it would appear your gentle driver can’t handle any kind of steep incline. He must still be learning.

The money you gather during levels allows you to purchase new bikes and vehicles. Each different vehicle has some variation of different statistics, these being Power, Speed, Fuel Capacity and Suspension. These give you further decision making as to which bike you want to take for each level. If you have any kind of difficulty with a particular level, this variety allows you to go back to the bike selection and pick one with better statistics for that particular level.

The core gameplay of Road Draw Rider, drawing roads to allow you to take steep hills more easily, is variable and enjoyable. You can always decide where to go based on your end goals, picking up power ups and resources along the way. The only problem with this game style is that it inevitably leads the player towards some irritation as you fail, again and again. For the game to have any kind of challenge, your lovely rider needs to be affected fully by gravity and eat dirt now and again.

Due to this continuous falling down, you might occasionally get a teensy bit annoyed.

However, Road Draw Rider seems to always want you to be making decisions as you play, whether it’s what bike to use or what direction to go. This effort to always give the player options is what keeps you entertained as you play Road Draw Rider. With these style of games are often at risk of being too frustrated to properly enjoy, as the continuous cycle of failure, learning from mistakes and trying again generally can lead towards irritation.

With the increased amount of choice given by Road Draw Rider, you will easily forgive the irritations in starting over, again and again.

With the increased amount of choice given by Road Draw Rider, you will easily forgive the irritations in starting over, again and again.

Road Draw Rider is a game all about player agency and control – the gameplay is simple enough, but opens itself to a wide of variety of possibilities and directions. Completing levels is a continuous challenge, but never so much that it becomes annoying.

You can lose yourself in Road Draw Rider, but you’ll luckily also never lose your patience too much.

Our Rating

Challenge, but not overwhelmingly frustrating. Plenty of player agency.There is to the potential to become over annoyed with the constant cycle of failure and repeating.
Road Draw 2: Motor Racing
Road Draw 2: Motor Racing
Developer: Metin Bayram
Price: Free+
Road Draw 2: Moto Race
Road Draw 2: Moto Race