Retro gaming on the iPad

Oct 13, 2010

I like gaming on my iPad and I’m old … kind of. Anyway, I like those old timey games and the iPad should be the perfect platform for them.

TETRIS.® for iPad

It’s Tetris! For the iPad! How cool is that? Actually, the controls are a bit awkward which almost ruins this one for me.



The good old block-destroying mayhem on the big iPad screen. Still fun after all those years.


The Quest

This is an old style role-playing game. It’s actually an iPhone game, but it looks reasonably well in 2x on the iPad and it’s well worth the small price!


Dink Smallwood HD

Initially released in 1997, this role-playing game received mediocre reviews (to say it kindly). The redeeming factor has always been it’s humour. I like it.


Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1

A simple puzzle game with a decidedly 8-bit look. Simple fun!


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