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Published by Sam Eskenazi on Entertainment

RePixel is a color by number game that allows you to color in a variety of pictures provided daily by the game developers.

In Repixel you are presented with a variety of adorable pictures – everything from dinosaurs to knights in shining armour, all begging to be colored in.

Once you decide which image you want to color in, you are taken to the image in what looks very similar to a Paint.exe document. Then, you’re given the colors the image should be down the bottom and… away you go.

As you zoom in, each little pixel box has its own number, which corresponds to the correct color down below. To make it much easier, you are able to hold down on the image for a longer time, giving you the ability to paint the boxes faster than just selecting each one. This gives you the ability to somewhat act like a painter, pretending like an artist of great skill as you color in a dog.

The variety of images is what gives RePixel its replayability – every day, new images are added to the compendium, allowing you to go on a splurge of coloring in once you install the app, then dedicate a time daily to complete each new image as it arrives.

RePixel is clearly an app that is trying to be both for children and adults. Coloring in has become something of a fashion statement, giving adults the opportunity to secretly relieve their childhood years and zone out doing some nice coloring. Conversely, children have always loved coloring in, so every person, no matter the age, can enjoy RePixel.

With the advent of this new coloring in trend, RePixel is primed to take advantage of this new market. There is a certain type of person that greatly enjoys having a simple activity that only slightly tasks their mind to do every day. The sewers, seamstresses and Sudoku players of this world are always on the lookout for new ways to entertain themselves.

The sewers, seamstresses and Sudoku players of this world are always on the lookout for new ways to entertain themselves.

RePixel is a simple game, one based entirely around an activity we are encouraged to play as children. The fact that it’s so simple doesn’t make it any less fun, however. Everyone likes coloring in.

RePixel is a game that is all about relaxing, completing the daily coloring in and enjoying yourself.

Lord knows the world is a terrifying, stressful place – why not find new and interesting ways to relax on a daily basis? RePixel satisfies that desire by offering a new and enjoyable way to relax in a confusing and frightening world.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy coloring in shining knights and jellyfish?

Our Rating

A great way to relax, coloring in to hide from the world. Simple and carefree, with easy to follow instructions.For those that enjoy slightly more varied gameplay, they might find not much else to do other than clicking the colors onto squares.