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Jun 8, 2010

As part of the work I do I work from home with a remote team spread out over the US (and over the world if you want to get technical). Having a smart phone is esssential to making this process work for everyone and these apps making staying up to date and informed easy. If you run remote teams these apps are for you.

Tungle – Calendar sharing & scheduling

I’m not particularly fond of Tungle at this point. It seems to drop the ball placing events onto my outlook calendar and sometimes has issues updating. That said being able to poke your head into someone else’s calendar is essential for remote teams. Sure, you can ask everyone when they’re available but that takes ages and if you have a lot of meetings to schedule it gets tedious. Having this tool to at least see when people are likely free is essential to scheduling.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

If any member of your team ever goes on vacation or leave you’re going to want Evernote. Using this great tool to create templates of basic emails, information about different events, you name it, put it in Evernote. Sure you can use google documents and there’s certainly a reason to do so if you need a spreadsheet or something similar, but to share “this is how I do this task” Evernote is fantastic. The tags alone make it completely worthwhile as searching becomes a breeze.


Skype for iPhone

Why spend all your valuable minutes on work calls when everyone can just be on Skype? Calling on skype from your phone makes it almost as simple as calling from the phone itself. The app tends to spaz when someone actually calls you, sometimes cutting out your voice to the skype call so if you get a ton of calls this might not be for you. Using airline mode or disabling calls may help. One way or the other it can save a ton when you need to make those group calls and you don’t have a headset handy for your computer.

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Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

Primarily this app is used because Social Media is what I do. That said it can be a great way to ping people who you need to talk to or a way to share contact information with someone you need to reach out to. Finding information about what you’re doing and staying up on topics is simple with Hootsuite. Scheduling tweets, working with teams and following a conference are all a cakewalk with this app. If you work with a team, need to schedule tweets and want to stay up to date on what’s happening in your field this is the app to have. The lite version may work for you if you only manage a stream or two.



If you go to conferences likely you come back with 8 billion cards to enter into your contacts and not nearly enough time to do it. This app does it for you. Take a picture of the card, submit it and it comes back to you in about 24 hours in the form of a contact. Worth having if you get more than a couple of cards a year.


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