Remente – A slick and informative self-improvement app for the new year

Dec 31, 2017

Nobody’s perfect. The new year can be a time to reflect and, for those striving to make some changes in 2018, Remente aims to be the go-to app for setting life goals, tracking progress, and learning life hacks. It has depth, but it’s an accessible tool that makes the daunting process of self-improvement manageable.

Remente asks the user to think about their life balance and rate their satisfaction with various categories. So, if your love life is lack-lustre or your time is all-work-and-no-play, this will be made visibly clear on a colourful circle chart. Of course, satisfaction is relative, and some honesty is required (a beer belly can creep up on you), but this section can guide the user to the relevant parts of the app’s excellent informative content. The user can also regularly rate their mood and elaborate on this with specific reasons and selectable adjectives. Left yourself only 24 hours to write an essay? That’ll be a sad face then, with words like ‘confused’, ‘panicked’ and ‘worried’. In fact, there should just be a ‘select all’ option for negative adjectives in scenarios like that. Anyway, Remente manages to simplify self-reflection, which makes the task of identifying goals much more straightforward.

Tasks can be added to a plan for the day and ticked off when complete, or moved into a section called ‘Do Someday’. These tasks might be far-off, almost impossible goals, such as cleaning under the bed, for example. There is also a ‘My Goals’ section, where big life aims can be broken down into steps that can have reminders. So, say you wanted to learn how to do the ‘caterpillar’ breakdance move, your steps could include ‘increase flexibility’ or ‘observe caterpillars’. The app’s planning and goal-oriented sections are easy to use and to customise. They are also connected, so individual steps from the ‘My Goals’ section can be added to your daily planner.

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The app really shines through its informative sections, designed to aid the user with common life problems. There are in-depth courses, each related to one or more areas of the life balance section, that are broken down into manageable chunks and are well written. Some courses contain video chapters, which make them even more engaging. I haven’t found the ‘How to stay healthy while only eating calamari’ course yet, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. It’s a pretty standard goal, right? There is a good amount of free content in this section, and the rest can be unlocked with a premium subscription. There are also free ‘Boosts’, which are smaller sets of tips that are likely best for when time is scarce or it’s not easy to concentrate. Of course, the long-term value of the app’s informative areas, and the necessity of a subscription, will depend on user engagement and whether the developers consistently release high-quality content. So, at least for now, a lifetime subscription may be a bit of a risk.  

Remente manages to simplify self-reflection, which makes the task of identifying goals much more straightforward.

The app has a clean aesthetic, and there are lots of nice high-resolution images throughout – even though it does seem like the developers have raided a stock photo collection.

There are also some useful features in the settings: you can export data and set a pin code on the app to keep your information secure. So, have no fear, none of your bros at the gym will discover your plans to make cute little cupcakes.

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Remente is a jack-of-all-trades. There are lots of apps out there designed to improve fitness, finances, mood etc, but this aims for everything. Its aim is admirable, but it’s a tough task to please everyone. And it remains to be seen whether the developers will consistently release high-quality informative content. But at the most basic level, Remente is a well-designed planner. It also succeeds in helping the user to articulate and break down goals and moods. It’s a useful tool for executing that journey to inner peace or plotting your rise to becoming a caterpillar-dancing legend.

Our Rating

Good planner and mood tracking features. Excellent informative content at launch. Lots of free content. Aesthetically pleasant. Security and backup features.May suffer from a lack of specialisation. Long term value is unclear.
Remente - Self Improvement
Remente - Self Improvement
Price: Free+
Remente: Self Improvement
Remente: Self Improvement
Developer: Remente
Price: Free+
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