Relaxing Game Apps For When You’ve Got Some Time to Burn

Mar 26, 2010

I have a great list of apps that I use when I’m stuck in a line waiting, or in an elevator, or distracting myself during class. They’re simple, quiet, and fun. A great way to pass the time when you’ve got nothing else to do!

reMovem (free)

This is great simple game that can be used to distract yourself from whatever mundance situation you’re in.


Labyrinth Lite Edition

This app is somewhat challenging but quite addicting. Great to play and sometimes a mine puzzler.


Solitaire Free for iPhone & iPad

I love these simple card games and they never fail to entertain me.



Another simple board game that I love to use when I’ve got some time to kill.


Unblock Me FREE

This one reminds me a game I used to plat when I was a kid. It’s great to keep your mind active and time flies trying to figure out each puzzle.


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