Relationships 101

Aug 13, 2010

I’m fascinated by how people relate to each other. I’m in a service industry where I get to see people in relationships interact all the time, sometimes in a stressful situation. I have found that there are experts out there who actually know and then teach people how to have good relationships. Here are my picks of those people.

Love Advice

Written by actual relationship therapists, it answers questions sent in by people with relationship problems. I read it like an encyclopedia of relationship tip and learned a lot. Put some of the advice into practice and was shocked how well it worked.


How to Create a Magical Relationship : The 3 Simple Ideas that Will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life by Ariel and Shya Kane

An excellent book by Master relationship experts full of new and practical advice. The only drawback is that it is a book for an iphone or ipod and is priced at 15.99


Why Did I Marry You Anyway? by Barbara Bartlein

A stack of very helpful relationship hints by a psychotherapist in business for 29 years.


The Right Relationship Can Happen-How To Create Relationship Success by Nancy Pina

Very helpful book on having a relationship based on Christian principles.


Marriage and Relationships

Great advice about getting a divorce. The author says that you will probably relate on a more intimate level with your partner as you go through divorce than you ever did while you were married.


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