Recommended Time Management Games

Jan 16, 2010

Time management is one of the most popular category when it comes to casual gaming. Typically, each level only takes a few minutes to complete and is therefore great for those times when you are stuck in a queue somewhere.

All the games I recommend below have lite versions available. So be sure to try them out and see which are worthy of your hard earned money.


There are a set of goals to complete in each level. Getting them done fast enough to achieve a Star ranking requires careful planning and fast execution.


Jojos Fashion Show 2

Give your sense of fashion a workout with this game. Send your models out on the runway by mixing and matching the proper set of clothing that satisfies the required style. Score more points with combos. There are also photoshoot levels that adds some variety to the game.


Ranch Rush

I love time management games that adds an element of strategy. Ranch Rush provides this by allowing you to place plants and animals in any location you desire. Better placement makes it easier to finish the levels.


Airport Mania: First Flight

If you thought a game landing airplanes is boring, Airport Mania will prove you wrong.


Sally’s Spa

There’s a reason why this game has been in the charts for so long. Give it a try to find out why.


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