Reason Enough to Have an iPhone

Jun 3, 2010

Mix of apps I use daily and/or regularly come in handy.


For those of us attached to our social networks, need I say more? 😉 Actually prefer the mobile interface for saving + staying up to date on favorites (people & pages).



Current iPhone Twitter app of choice. Dig ability to manage multiple accounts and choose your picture upload application, though both features seem to becoming standard on more Twitter clients. Only big downside is (unless I’m missing something), lacks auto-recognition of friends within post new function. Means, you need to remember friend’s username.



When traveling around San Francisco using transit, this is a must have! Especially comes in handy on rainy days, virtually eliminating the amount of time having to wait for the bus in the rain! *App I have is “NextBus” but Appolicious doesn’t seem to recognize?


Big Words

Super useful at the bar (ordering drinks!) or other situations you need to communicate on the sly. I recently used in moderating a panel, to let the speakers know they only had 5minutes.


Expensify for iPad

Expensify FTW! Simple/easy application to track your expenses. Take a picture of your receipt, add a note, submit. Done!


RL Classic

Wondering if you’re really getting the best price on that Sonicare toothbrush (since it is “on sale”)? Whip out RedLaser. Bam. Now you can know!


State Farm Pocket Agent®

One of those, hopefully don’t have to use. But! should I need, awesome to have on hand, without having to dig through my wallet. Even has bunch of extras like “After an Accident” checklist and tools to find local repair shops and capture all the info I’ll need to report the claim.

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