Really? People use these RANDOM apps?!

Oct 9, 2010

I asked my friends for the most random app on their phone. I know there are some extremely random apps out there why not give them some love. What’s most random app you have?

r u drunk

Completely unscientific yet hilarious soberosity examinations. – Rory


Smart Alarm Clock (Pro)

Awesome, weird and hilarious. It has a noise tracker. If you talk in your sleep you can play it back and here all the crazy things you said!!!!! – Bethany



A series of 2-player cooperative maze games meant as a dating compatibility test. It’s Japanese. The same developers that made Rez – Joe


London Tube Map

I have been there before but have no plans to visit in the near future. – Jeff


Talking Tom Cat

my kids love it, it makes us all laugh! – Becky



It’s an app that lets people know you’re on your way somewhere, and notifies them if you’re running late. Great concept, but I’ve never used it. – Tom


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