Really? People use these RANDOM apps?! Part 2

Oct 9, 2010

I asked my friends for the most random app on their phone. I know there are some extremely random apps out there why not give them some love. What’s most random app you have?

Checkout Part 1:

iHandy Level Free

I have a construction level that I actually used to hang our flat screen TV in our last place. Ha! – Rebecca


Walkie Talkie Free

It’s a app that turns your phone into a walkie talkie. You have to have friends who have the same app. I used it only twice – ChaChanna



I have a Planets app that tells you which direction to look in the sky in relation to where you are to view planets and stars – Barbie



– Barbie



– Aiden


Police Scanner

It’s freaking awesome. – Ryan



The “meanderthal” app, compliments of the Smithsonians, where you take a picture of someone and it transforms them into what they would look like as a neanderthal. – Hannah


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