React: This iPhone app is the new Snapchat

Sep 30, 2016
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If developers of React keep on, they will certainly have the next Snapchat. This software has a very nice idea behind. Despite of being still in its kids’ shoes, the application is going to have a nice future.

React enables you to send a message to your loved one who also uses the app. The receiver is able to unlock the message by allowing the application to record a short video of his or her reaction. This iPhone app is, therefore, certainly a godsend for those who live in a distant relationship.

The idea is basic, but nice. If you send someone a nice message, it is nice to see if the receiver is happy, surprised or touched by your idea. React will send you this reaction wherever you are, therefore you can experience an almost real conversation.

The greatest feature of the app is its nice, easy-to-use interface. This enables a quick recording a sending of messages. This is not a video-calling software, which requires an extremely stable internet access and a powerful device. The application is based on iMessage, consequently, there is no need to build up a new contact list to use it.

How Friends React to Your Messages

Available free on the iMessage App Store Apple has done a great job introducing lots of sticker and animations on chat bubbles to reflect someone’s feelings. But as we all know, there is nothing capable of explaining our feelings better than a reaction on our face.

My only concern is that the app requires the receiver to have the same application on the phone to fully enjoy it. If you send a React message to anyone who does not have React, they will still receive it with no problems in the transcript and they will be able to tap on it which will take them to the iMessage App Store to download it for free. This process destroys a part of the surprise. On the other hand, reactions are interesting only when the message is interesting. Overusing React would result in sending meaningless reactions, and I can clearly imagine that many of the users will ignore the posts received from the app – simply because they may find it tiring to make a visible facial reaction as soon as he receive a simple message like “nice day, isn’t it?”

Despite of this, I still do not think that this app would be one of those which you download and use only once, then delete it. I do not say that the single feature of sending a video reply to a message will change the way we use our phones. However, I do believe that if the app could provide further, more complex services, it will be a great success.

Luckily, the developers are on a very good way: there are already a plenty of nice in-app purchases, with which you can improve the performance of the app. It is possible for instance to slice the videos or revoke the messages sent in the system.

I think when React manages to overcome the barriers and it will be on the phones of many, this is going to be another iconic feature of smart phones.

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