QVC loses the mobile shopping iPhone app war to HSN

Jan 20, 2010

If you suffer from QVC-induced agoraphobia―the fear of leaving your house because you might miss a good deal on the TV shopping network―then this iPhone app is for you.

The free QVC app gives direct access to addicted “Q” shoppers for quick purchases of the latest offerings featured on TV without having to actually be in front of one. New users have to call in for their first purchase in order to set up an account, but if you have an iPhone, that’s easy.

The iPhone app itself is the perfect companion for current “Q” shoppers, but lacks stimulating features to draw in new shoppers via the iPhone app besides a top-rated and most-wished- for items listing. For instance, the free HSN iPhone app from the Home Shopping Network allows users to watch live video, as well as videos from some of its celebrity friends, with products available for purchase.  I’m way more likely to buy a piece of jewelry from Tori Spelling’s HSN collection after watching her cute video in the iPhone app vs. just a piece of jewelry on sale via the QVC iPhone app.

And, the HSN iPhone app has a “shake2shop” feature that gives you the opportunity to save money and view featured products; there is nothing like that on QVC’s app.

So overall, I’m declaring HSN the winner of the TV shopping to iPhone app war for now. QVC’s first try isn’t bad, but they definitely need to step up their app game to compete in the mobile shopping world.

QVC Mobile Shopping (US)
QVC Mobile Shopping (US)
Price: Free
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