May 5, 2010

I love quotes and believe they are the best way to get a sense of an historical figure’s personality. I also enjoy them because they are funny, interesting and can be poignant.

Wise Quotes – Albert Einstein

I think Albert Einstein was my first introduction to quotes, especially because he didn’t like school. I’ve heard rumors that actually it was his wife who did all of the work. Nonetheless, his ideas are still being explored today. A great app to contemplate the man himself.


Wise Quotes 1.01 – Barack Obama

I do wonder if President Obama should get the credit for these quotes, or do you think they came from the pen of his speech writer? Anyhow, they’re great to have on hand!


Wise Quotes 1.01 – Winston Churchill

I’m a huge fan of quote apps. Who knew Winston Churchill was so interesting? What’s so fascinating to me about quotes are the common themes that run through them regardless of time and context, or how a famous saying can take on new meaning that has nothing to do with the original, or how specific words can be to a time and place. A good quote is applicable to the past, present, and perhaps the future.



I like the specific versions of this app much better because they give me a strong sense of the person, but this is still a fantastic overview of good quotes.


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