Quit Smoking With These iphone Apps

Jun 11, 2010

Quitting is easier than it looks. It requires support from friends and family, and now you can even depend upon your iPhone. If you’re considering it or already on your way to a smoke-free life, check out these apps for extra support.


Quitter tells you how many days it has been since your last cigarette and how much money you’ve saved.


GottaKickit Now

GottaKickit Now is a timer that tells you when you can have a cigarette. This helps ween you off of your typical smoking schedule by gradually increasing the time between smokes until eventually you’re smoke-free.


iQuit – Stop Smoking Counter

iQuit is another time that tells you when you can have a cigarette to help ween you off of your schedule. It also offers an in-app Facebook connection to let your friends follow your progress and offer support.



This app keeps track of pack size, how many cigarettes you smoke a day and how much each pack costs you. It will then calculate how much money you can save and how long you have extended your lifespan (if you quit.)


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