Protecting Airspace with Planes Control

Oct 26, 2016

As the development of games continues to host increasingly sophisticated graphics, the once classical nature of simple games has been lost realism. With hyperactive realism and simulation utilizing VR and location technology, the elementary nature of games that once appealed to the masses has been left behind. Conflictingly, those who strive for an uncomplicated gameplay experience are left with outdated games that lack in graphics or interface.

Planes Control, a 2D game based on flight controls and combat, counters this movement with clean visuals and a straightforward gaming experience to reinvigorate classic style gameplay.

With a bird’s-eye view, players are tasked with directing planes to various landing strips as they try to avoid obstacles and enemy planes. The air traffic controller simulation requires the player to multitask by directing planes of various speeds and sized while simultaneously helping to fight against enemy aircraft. Being extremely simple to grasp, once the player has gone through several landings, an increasing number of planes are brought into the screen to challenge the multitasking abilities. Through taking control, player avoid tornadoes, repel attacks from the enemy, fight off an alien invasion, and divert from collisions which are incrementally increased at higher levels. In the most advanced settings, over a dozen planes are on the screen simultaneously, making it extremely difficult to coordinate all of the flight paths at the once.

Planes Control – Mobile Game Trailer by RarePixels® – gaming

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Designed for an intuitive experience, the controls of the Planes Control are made to be extremely simple. While there are no buttons, players must select planes with a single tap and then draw their determined path through swiping. As the number of planes that must be landed increases, landing paths will inevitably cross while players must ensure that a crash does not result. Despite being initially easy in nature, the game requires quick decision making skills to be able to effectively manage all of the planes. The various levels and plane types make Planes Control more dynamic as opposed to simply a repetitive task as players must guide planes through the day, night, and in different environments. Furthermore, control of the planes encompasses more than 40 different aircraft which each have their own distinct characteristics and landing areas.

This style of gameplay closely mimics the already popular Flight Control which encompasses similar graphics, missions, and style of control. Building off of the success attained by Flight Control, Planes Control expands on similar concepts of various planes and environments by offering a wider selection of aircraft and flight locations. Beyond this, missions are further enhanced through additional obstacles that include enemy aircraft, weather-based barriers, and factors such as cargo planes and fuel. Although similar to Flight Control in nature, these additional characteristics give the game an entirely new identity while retaining the simplicity of the original.

The high degree of accuracy that is required poses an issue to those with larger fingers as the planes are relatively small compared to the screen. As planes are close, larger fingers may misinterpret taps and control an unintended aircraft. Greater accuracy can be achieved through using a thinner stylus or a larger screen as objects are enlarged for adequate control. Beyond this, the process of directing planes to land may appear repetitive, but given the wide array of vehicles and environments, this issue is alleviated to a great extent.

With its dynamic level of gameplay, Planes Control is a simple game for those who are seeking a source of intuitive entertainment. Directing planes, fighting off enemy aircraft, and managing an airspaces provides entertaining gameplay for a wide range of players and is a must-have for the young and old alike.

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