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Feb 24, 2017

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful methods of transmitting ideas which has extended across generations and remains ever present in a digital society.  This is especially evident with the rise in video content over the internet which is now the most popular form of media. As a powerful method of information sharing, storytelling has been incorporated into every mobile device with developments in camera technology.

Couple this notion with the increase in pictures that are taken, Storyo brings the two realms together by creating videos from images in order to tell a captivating story.

Currently, images are often stored onto mobile devices and are rarely looked at while videos are too long to watch and often forgotten. In order to combine these forms of media in a way that is meaningful and ensures that it is simply not lost in the clutter of all the other photos or videos. To solve this, Storyo enables users to combine their images in the form of a video that effectively tells a story which can then be edited by adding selected music. With images that have geotagging, the story is further visualized with a map that tracks where the pictures are taken as to show the travelling path.

Storyo enables users to combine their images in the form of a video that effectively tells a story which can then be edited by adding selected music.

One of the most captivating features of the app is in the ability to seamlessly create videos simply by selecting the first image in the photo gallery to be in the video and the last image to be in the video. The video will then be created with all of the images in between those two selected photos and users simply need to select one of the predesigned themes. Furthermore, users are able to change the story, edit labels, swap photos, and choose the music of their choice. While videos of travelling and other special moments are traditionally reserved for those with high quality cameras and skills in video editing, Storyo democratizes the entire process by giving its users the tools to simply create and share videos right on their device.

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In the App Store, however, other competing apps exist which enable for the creation of video content from images as well. Apps including SlideShow Movie Maker and Slide Maker are able to offer comparative services where users can choose images and music in order to create a video. However, what significantly differentiates Storyo from these apps is in the ability to share images between peers easily in order to combine and create videos from images that others may have taken. For example, if a friend has taken a photo with their device, with the Storyo app, users can share the image in order to create a single video with contributing images from both users. This feature is highly unique and is not offered by other video creating apps.

With ease of use that resembles professional editing, Storyo is perfect for the creation of slideshows. Given the opportunity to bring photos to life through the use of videos and music, Storyo utilizes advanced AI narrative algorithms to create the best videos automatically from the images provided.

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