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Oct 25, 2011

If you’ve ever found that you sit down to watch one movie trailer and suddenly a few hours have gone by and you’re still browsing Hollywood’s latest and greatest offerings, iTunes Movie Trailers would be a very smart addition to your app library.

The app lists trailers by the release date of the film, so you’ll be able to see the newest movies right at the top of the app. It also keeps a nice archive of several months of trailers, so if you want to go back and watch a trailer for a movie that came out in April or May, you can do that too. You can even bookmark movies for quick access later.

Aside from all that, my favorite part of the app is that you can check show times right from the same tab on the app that had the trailer. Say the trailer for “The Thing” piqued your curiosity, you could tap a quick link in the app and see times. Another tap would take you to the theater website to purchase tickets. It feels like a one-stop shop experience.

If there’s a downside here, it’s that there’s not a better way to search for trailers. You split them off by movie genre, but you can’t search at all. So if you don’t remember when a movie is coming out, you can be scrolling for quite a while. That definitely needs to be fixed next time the app updates.

Other than search difficulties, iTunes Movie Trailers is a very sound app. If you love going to the movies, it’s well worth your time. If nothing else, it’s an amazing time sink, and you might even wind up with a new movie on your must-see list.

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Dan Kricke

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