Prevent the disastrous war between humans and monsters – Arcane Dragons

Nov 27, 2016

There comes a time when players are given a choice between action and RPG gameplay. Why choose one when you can get both? Surely, you’d love a fast-paced, hack and slash game with a little twist on the storyline, a tons of quests and side quests and co-op gameplay where you can invite your friends to play with you.

Arcane Dragons delivers that fast-paced action gameplay satisfaction, slashing your way through every quest, intriguing story about dragons, and a real-time cooperative community gameplay. It is also an addictive game that keeps you from putting your phone down. The adventure begins when the protagonist meets a bizarre biologist, Heidel, after encountering a dragon in Holy Forest. Soon, the two are drawn into solving the mystery of the long lost dragon race when a young hatchling, Cerise, falls into their care. Disguised as a Royal Knight, every player are then immersed into the rich history of the Allensia Kingdom as they work to reunite Cerise with her brethren of Ancient Dragons and prevent the coming of a disastrous war between humans and monsters. The game is very simple and straightforward—you don’t even need to think of a character build when you start playing the game. Such complexity from an RPG was removed. The developers made a wise choice of making the character progression simple and understandable.

Just pick a character class and then start your adventure. You’ll be on your way to an exciting, fast-paced, action-packed battle. If you want to increase and improve on character stats, all you need is to collect exceptional armors and weapons. You can even take advantage of the status effects inflicted by the weapons to efficiently defeat bosses and monsters. The upgrade system provides you a lot of choices in developing additional stats for your character, making it more suitable in every environment, including its real-time PvP.

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Can’t finish the mission on solo? Solo gameplay has always been there in most games. To break this monotony, you are always given an AI companion like pets or assistant. Arcane Dragons, however, has its own extent in solo progression. Don’t fret because the game features a real-time, three-man cell co-op gameplay, where you can create a room like Monster Hunter and ask your friend to tag along with you in a quest or wait for a stranger to help you out. This makes your difficult quests easy at all times.

The graphics of the game fits nicely on mobile devices. Allensia Kingdom is a beautiful place filled with strange environments and cute monsters that lurk within its dungeons and forests. Its art and background style presents watercolor painting like DotA backgrounds which fit the fantasy-adventure story and making it more endearing to the eyes. The chibi characters are adorably cute as well. Arcane Dragons contains all the necessary elements of a true, action-packed mobile RPG. The pressure of solo gameplay is always balanced out by feelings of accomplishment and progression, and it requires a mix of cooperation from other players to move forward. And of course, the cuteness keeps it light and fun, which helps you when you can’t progress in some dungeons. Arcane Dragons isn’t your typical role playing game. It’s fun, exciting and very addictive.

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