Preschool Apps- Fun and Goofy!

Mar 29, 2011

I teach Early Childhood Special Education and 4 year old kindergarten. These are some apps that my kids have loved and I love as well. Good for killing some time, using as a reward or when you want a good laugh!

A Mood Light

changing colors that you can pick which colors and how they change


App Kittens

lots and lots of pictures of cute kittens!


Cookie Doodle

Make cookies! Crack eggs, pour vanilla, stir, bake, decorate! All this minus the calories! Sometimes there are holiday versions.


Create a Car

pick tires, trim, paint to make your own car! Lots of fun and you don’t need a driver’s license.


Dog Years!

A neat app to figure out how old you or someone else is in dog years. My kids have liked to learn that they are actually grown ups if they were dogs!


Faces iMake – Premium!

Make faces with food! Play with your food!


Feed Me Button !

truly an annoying app!


Glow Stick Free: Motion Controlled Glowstick

Crack it, shake it, and watch it glow! Tilt to change the colors.


Haha Baby

Lots of baby laughs! Brings a smile to my face everytime.


Hot Dog Down a Hallway

Really goofy game launching hot dogs down a hallway! Who could pass it up!


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