Preschool Apps- Fun and Goofy! (2)

Mar 29, 2011

Some more fun apps to use with younger kids or to play while you wait for the kids to get off the bus or come back from gym. Also good motivators or rewards for students.


A colorful app filled with pictures created by an artist with autism. Neat to look through or maybe day dream.


Knock Knock Zombies

Knock on the door and a zombie answers! Lots of different zombies and their goofy answers!



Love this app! Very calming and focusing app. Trace the lines to help center your mind while listening to the memorizing music.


Monster Maker

A Sesame Street game, make a monster! There’s one app that you can use photos to make monsters the other you make a muppet monster and then can interact with it!


Pocket Zoo with Live Animal Cams

A neat app where you can even check up on real animals on web cams. Although they sure sleep alot!


Rosita’s Jump Count

Jump and count while getting out some energy!


Screen Cleaner Pro

Love this app. A dog licks your screen “clean.” LOL



See which baby animals were born at which zoos recently!


Tap & Juggle Pro

Can’t juggle? You can on an iPad! Fun game and very easy to play.


The Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover!

A favorite book that keeps you on your toes up to the last page!


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