Prepare and strategize for Black Friday with these iPhone apps

Shopping on Black Friday can be a complete nightmare if you aren’t organized. You must employ a strategy that involves perusing special store advertisements early and making a list to conquer all of your needs and wants. Here are some smart shopping apps to start planning your Black Friday super strategy!

Black Friday (Free)

Get the free Black Friday iPhone app by and receive push notifications every time a new Black Friday advertisement is made public. This savvy iPhone app is great for sharing and comparing all the fabulous Black Friday deals available through mass retailers. Search the Black Friday app’s available ads by product name and find the retailer with the lowest prices on specific items and score big. You can also search for more than just door busters available in store, as this app also helps you find deals online with free shipping and more.

Black Friday Survival Guide (Free)

The very stellar and very free Black Friday Survival Guide iPhone app allows you to create your own Black Friday shopping list within the app. This app is the perfect way to organize for a day full of shopping from store to store on Black Friday. You can carry all the special deal ads and circulars in your hand with this app and keep track of what you need and want. Having trouble finding a product? Share your shopping list with a friend via the Black Friday Survival Guide app in order to cover ground more and ensure you score all the deals you are hoping for!

Shopping by The Find (Free)

While out shopping on Black Friday, you can use the free Shopping by The Find app for iPhone to scan items and identify store locations close to you where you can buy that specific product. This app is essential for comparing prices on the fly! As a bonus it also alerts you to available coupon codes and deals for products. If you see something that, gasp, isn’t on sale, set an alert within the iPhone app and Shopping by The Find iPhone will let you know when the price eventually drops.

Discount Calculator (Free)

It can be a pain in the rear standing in line for the register trying to calculate tax and percentage off in your head. The free Discount Calculator app for iPhone helps you figure out the exact tax you will pay as well as the amount off you will get on each item. This super smart shopping all allows you to create a shopping list with totals for all your items. The Discount Calculator app is perfect for counting your pennies when shopping on a budget.

mGifts ($0.99)

If you mainly use Black Friday deals to conquer your holiday present list definitely get the mGifts – Gift List Manager iPhone app. This app allows you to pass-code your holiday shopping list to keep away from prying eyes. You can also set a gift budget by person and sort by gifts needed or already purchased. mGifts is the best way to organize and conquer your holiday gift list.

Kate Currin: <p><span style="line-height: 18px; font-family: 'lucida grande'; color: #333333; font-size: 12px;">Kate Currin, a techie who loves apps as much as shoes, is a freelance writer living in Chicago.</span></p>