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Jan 4, 2011

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Running Cost

Gas Costs Calculator

Ever been curious about the gasoline costs of a trip in your car? Or do you wanna know how much money you put in your fuel tank? Or are you interested in knowing how much your gasoline really costs for a ride of 100 kilometer?

Simply enter the data as you are prompted by your iPhone and you will know immediately!



Light Therapy Associated – Chromo & Light Therapy

Color therapy, also called chromo therapy, is a theory that says that you can influence the way you feel by using colors. It is done by watching at different colors, wearing clothes with different colors or changing the temperature of the room light.

Another daily way for color therapy is
this app, you can experience it each time you are using your mobile.

Light Therapy Associated – Chromo & Light Therapy on the App Store

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Light Therapy Associated – Chromo & Light Therapy. Download Light Therapy Associated – Chromo & Light Therapy and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Each color has its own attributes, related to a specific chakra and organs.


GPS speedo – Speedometer – Head Up Display – HUD

This tool shows your real speed in km/h, mph and m/s, as well as your actual height in meters above sea level, with the accuracy of the GPS.

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QiblaLocate – Locate Mecca

Where is Mecca?
A simple but important question.
This app makes the answer simple, just follow the direction of the pointer.



Horse Power measurement

Acceleration Measurement

Speed is one thing, but power is different.
The actual speed may be interesting, but much more interesting is how long it takes to reach that speed!
This is power, find it out with this app and let your friends immediately know via e-mail.
Afterwards you can do a complete analysis of your run on any computer.

Important Note: Place your iPhone horizontally with the front facing upwards and fix it properly to avoid corrupt results.

Use this app only on safe tracks!
Be shure to place your iPhone so that your ability do drive your vehicle will not be hindered under any circumstances!



Face Care – DIY – Homemade beauty masks

You may have asked yourself if there is a way of skin care without spending a lot of money for products which you are not sure what they’re made off.
If so, you will like this app. It provides you with instructions of how to make different face masks for many needs and desires.
Choose the one that suits you best or that helps you solving specific problems with your skin. Make yourself beauty with exactly the mask you need.



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