Positive Thinking

Sep 1, 2010

Use these apps to make both spiritual and practical progress!

The Habit Factor® Pro: Habits 2 Goals: Goal Tracking, Daily Motivation & Goals, New Years Resolutions, ADD & ADHD Focus Tool

Develop Habits that will help you achieve your goals and most importantly track your progress. This app is very efficient and easy to use! Enjoy!


Think Positive Affirmations Lite

“All of my thoughts are about peace, love, and joy! I am untouchable! You are untouchable! We are untouchable! ” Get lost in this meditation accompanied by sounds of the ocean and music. Just press play!


Horoscope and Tarot

My favorite feature of this app is the Tarot Card reading. Just click on the three cards and get a specific reading/horoscope for the day! There is also a daily Horoscope and a Lovescope!


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