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Jul 19, 2010

I’m a student in Washington, DC, and an avid political junkie. Even if you don’t live in the nation’s capital, here are some tools to keep you connected to the national political pulse.

World’s Smallest Political Quiz

Are you liberal or conservative? A statist, a centrist, or a libertarian? Take this short quiz to find out! Even the Washington Post says the World’s Smallest Political Quiz “has gained respect as a valid measure of a person’s political leanings.”



Don’t know the difference between Senators Mikulski and Murkowski? Want to know what bills made their way out of the hopper and onto the floor today? Gotta know how many seats Nebraska has in the House? (It’s three.) In case you’re unfamiliar with your representatives in Congress and their voting record, this app will catch you up to speed in short order.


Visible Vote Mobile

Connects your opinions to Congress by letting you rate your approval for federal legislators, vote on issues that matter to you, compare your opinions to your representatives, research the latest legislation, and even write to your representative about a specific issue.



Politico is the central location for the capital’s political news. Stay up to date on every triumph and every scandal inside the Beltway.


Real Clear Politics

Real Clear Politics is a great aggregator of polling numbers for national and state races. Poll numbers can swing quickly, so keep tabs on your favorite–and least favorite–candidates around the country.


Oxford Dictionary of Politics

Not a political scientist? That’s okay, the Oxford Dictionary of Politics will explain everything from a filibuster to Fillmore for you–for a high price.


Political Glossary

For the more budget-minded consumer, the Political Glossary should do the trick.


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