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Jul 29, 2010

Avoid and outsmart the police with these apps!

Police Powers Lite

My concern isn’t that I don’t know my rights. My concern is that the POLICE don’t know my rights. In fact, I don’t think people should be allowed to become police officers until they are over 25. Hopefully, by then some form of emotional intelligence has set in. Do you think it’s a smart idea to give an eighteen year-old a gun and the authority to use it? Do you think an eighteen year-old has the ability to make decisions that can change people’s lives, or in some cases, take their lives? When I was eighteen, I wouldn’t have made a good police officer. I wasn’t mature enough to understand people. PERIOD. But enough of my ranting, this app has all of your rights including search and seizure and the terrorism laws (which went through major changes during Bush) It’s up-to-date and informative and a must have on your phone. I do think it would be useful if there was an app like this for laws in different countries and states. It would be good for travelers. Haven’t you seen Locked Up Abroad?


Marco Popo

This is an awesome community based app where people mark the locations of the police, so everyone can avoid them! It also has the locations of red light camera’s. Too awesome! Also, this app constantly updates!



Do you know where all of the red-light camera’s are in your city? Now you do! Trapster is an awesome app that will allow you to easily avoid traffic tickets. Join the Trapster caravan and never get a traffic ticket again! My last red light picture ticket was $600. I loooooooove this app!

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