Point, touch, retrofy. Turn that blurry picture into a work of art!

Jul 22, 2010

So much you can do with iPhone photos now. You can even make that picture that was a little blurry into a work of art. Not sure “retrofy” is a word (maybe it should be), but think you know what I mean here…

Here are some apps that will help boost colors, add cool effects, and make you look like a master photographer. (Or hipster.) 😉

Best Camera

This was my first camera application. I still love it. Simple effects and change saturation and tint. Also super easy to post pictures to multiple sites with one click = awesome.



Fun little app that you can have multiple panes with different pictures in them. Almost postcard like. Can change orientation, colors, and saturation. Great for blogging, getting a fuller picture of your story without having to upload multiple pictures.



Exactly what it sounds like! This is what inspired the word “retrofy”. The interface is kinda fun, though not good for quick action shots. Comes with a few preset effects, and can purchase more. Also just fun way to add some “oldschoolness” fun to your photos.


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