Poddy Training Apps for Early Childhood

Jul 12, 2010

Apps used with our iPod Project in PreK and Kindergarten.

A Preschool Pattern Recognition Game

Begins with simple AB patterns, gives immediate feedback and advances to more complex patterns.


Coin Math

Offers several levels and addresses different aspects to counting coins and bills. Begins with identification goes all the way through to making change for a purchase.


iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

Great tactile practice for students learning to form letters.


Kid Whiteboard

All purpose app to use with many different lessons. Easy use even for four year olds. Use to gather responses during group lessons or to illustrate math sentences.


Math Train – Addition Subtraction for kids

Introduction to addition and subtraction with immediate feedback and virtual manipulatives if needed


Learn Time Lite

Practice telling time to the hour and half hour. Student move hands of the clock. Immediate feedback on progress.


Word Cub Letters & Sounds

Practice with creating three and four letter words. Letter recognition and letter sound relationships


Clifford’s BE BIG with Words

Familiar characters help students create 3 letter words. No prior spelling skills required.


Grover’s Number Special

Hilarious restaurant bit from Sesame Street. Students listen to recipes and gather the appropriate number of ingredients. Counting and eye hand coordination, and a lot of fun!


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