Plunder fallen star systems with Salvage Robot

Oct 20, 2016

The market for realtime multiplayer battle apps is a well established and popular corner stone within the smart phone and tablet gaming industry. Recent years have seen a broad range of well designed games like World of Tanks and Walking War Robots that captivate their audience with great graphics, slick gameplay and a gorgeous UI experience.

The latest recruit to this line up of highly entertaining PvP war games, Salvage Robot, provides players with a fast paced, well thought out giant robot Sci-fi battle environment offering a variety of colorful settings on alien worlds or destroyed human space colonies.

Created by GoldenHeart Games, the action packed nature of Salvage Robot is driven by the caches of salvage littered throughout the battlefield, which form the primary mission objective. Competition for this loot comes in two types, and here is where Salvage Robot differs from many other multiplayer PvP apps currently available.
When a player starts a mission, it’s likely they will find themselves joined by other players in the same geographical region. Appearing upon the battlefield as either friend or foe, it’s up to them how they approach you, and you, them. This open multiplayer system really shines when two friends wish to play together. With zero set up or account recognition, pressing the mission button a few seconds apart will result in a match. Simple.

On the flip side, Salvage Robot also offers a host of AI bad guys, designed to keep battle hungry solo players (or co-op teams) entertained. Junk Mech Raiders and Ancient Alien guardians provide serious competition, protecting the loot with an array of deadly weapons and lending some depth to the proceedings. Which is something Salvage Robot has that other games of this type tend to lack – an engaging backstory. Circumstances leading up to in game events involve an interstellar catastrophe that has wiped out humanity across a swathe of frontier star systems, leaving behind empty space colonies filled with valuables ripe for the plundering. Set to the backdrop of ancient alien ruins and technology, the storyline provides a focus for the action.


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No wargame app would be seen dead without a host of exciting upgrades available and Salvage Robot is no slouch here either. Collecting salvage from the battlefield opens up new rewards – a wide range of well designed weapons, upgrades, cool skins and new salvage robots await, providing the player with new options for battle field strategies and improved surviveability.

GoldenHeart Games is working on expanding the Salvage Robot universe to include more in-game content and challenges for players, while optimising gameplay with new updates. As players launch missions and improve their salvage robot to dominate the battlefield, the action packed environments on offer provide a way of hooking up with your friends in a far simpler way than other mutliplayer realtime war games, that may not even offer this feature at all. Combine this with the ability to ‘go solo’ on missions, great graphics, audio and effects and user interface, Salvage Robot offers a highly entertaining gaming experience that provides unique and flexible game session options, making it a must have alternative in the multiplayer & solo action games category.

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