Play the iPhone as a Guitar

Jul 14, 2010

When you need to jam and don’t have your meatspace axe at hand, just pick and strum at your iPhone with these nifty apps.

Chord Play

It works. Have a few chords at the ready for changes, and strum the string area.



It also works. And looks woodier.



When you need to rock harder, with effects and electric strings (virtual, of course!)



Because it’s been around for so long: two years!


Easy Guitar

For those nylon string sounds: classical.


Guitar Mania

Because it’s insane! And impossible!


Instant Guitar

If you forget how to play… (just add water!)



Use it when your 4-year-old’s plastic keytar breaks. (Super easy to use.)


Air Guitar

I have no talent and would like to prove it to you. (All you need is 4 chords, right?) Cough, sputter. But, you know what? It sounds kinda good.


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