Play Pocket Mortys Today and Help Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Oct 2, 2017

Well, this is an article I never thought I’d write but… here it is. In case you’re unaware – the situation is rather dire in Puetro Rico.

Just last month, Hurricane Maria struck, leaving large swaths of the island are without power or water, and it’s been a nightmare for the Puerto Rican government to conduct the humanitarian aid needed. While we at Appolicious would like to remind our readers that there are more traditional ways of helping the citizens of Puetro Rico (which can be found here), a new, unexpected twist has come into play. Pocket Mortys, the Rick & Morty tie-in mobile game, has thrown the gauntlet and is putting all its proceeds made today towards Puetro Rico.

Rick and Morty on Twitter

Collect Mortys for good! Today all @PocketMortys proceeds will go to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Needless to say, this is a surprising but heartwarming turn of events from animation powerhouse [adult swim]. Any help provided for those put in harms way by Hurricane Maria is a welcome sight, and if nothing else, it means even your gaming on the go can support a great cause. If you’re interested, you can follow one of the links below to download the app and buy some Mortys to save some lives.

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys
Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys
Price: Free+


POCKET MORTYS with Rick and Morty Now Has Tournaments | Adult Swim Games | Adult Swim

Grab it now: Pocket Mortys has all-new tournaments, new storylines, fan favorite characters and TWENTY all-new Mortys to catch and train- oh, and it’s still totally FREE!

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