Pill Reminder Apps

Jan 15, 2012

Do you take a lot of medications or supplements? These apps will help remind you (assuming an outlook calendar event doesn’t work for you).

Pill Reminders

Easy to use app that is free. But the best feature in my mind is that it doesn’t require you to register. No need to give away your personal (and in this case medical) information to someone you don’t know.


Pill Reminder Free

The paid version will cost you $2 at this time and if you’re cheap like me give this free version a try to see if you like how the app functions. The free version gives you the ability to schedule only two pills which is likely not enough.


Pill Reminder Pro

The paid version of the free one above. Upgrade if you like it and need to track more than two medications.


Pill Reminder by Drugs.com

A “comprehensive personal medication record” in case you want that on something you could lose. Hrm.


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