Picture Books for Kids

Feb 14, 2012

Need something to entertain the little ones? These apps will either do the trick or help you find other apps that will do the trick.


If you’re looking for great content for kids (or for that matter amazing graphic novels) this app will help you find what you’re looking for. With honest reviews the app is a great start on picture books for any age.


The Gift for iPhone

This app isn’t simply an book, it also has games and for those who want to give feedback you can do that from the app as well. You’re able to read the story with narration and without, allowing you to decide what your child hears. Most importantly though the book is interactive, making reading a game as well. Awesome.


Ann Can’t Sleep – Animated Storybook

Not an interactive book but then do you want your kids interacting when you’re trying to get them to go to sleep? Well done story for the sleepless kidlets out there.


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