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Jan 29, 2010

PicPocket Books has the largest selection of picture books for the iPhone. We offer a wide range of classic content from established publishers, including previously published “board books”, concept books, easy readers, fairy tales, and other culturally diverse picture books. We produce our titles through an artistic process and our apps remain faithful in content to the original books. The full color illustrations are detailed and clear. The text is easily readable and we offer a “learn-to-read” feature where the text is highlighted as the word is spoken, encouraging the connection between the written and spoken word for emergent readers.

Round is a Mooncake

Originally published by Chronicle Books, Mooncake is a simple concept book (Shapes), beautifully illustrated by Grace Lin, 2010 Newbery Honor Award Winner.


Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks are big, tough and loud. Board book style, the bright graphics, simple text and audio hot spots are geared towards young boys and early literacy.


What A Pest!

This beginning reader address the topic of sibling relations – especially in the case where these is a younger, sometimes pesky, sister who looks up to an older sibling. The book’s resolution illustrates the benefits of cooperation!


My Friend Isabelle

My Friend Isabelle is a charming story about two young friends, told with simplicity and grace. Charlie and Isabelle are the same age and share a love of drawing, dancing, playing at the park and snacks! Like most friends, they are also different. This book offers an opportunity for a discussion about tolerance, acceptance and friendship by showing that “differences are what makes the world so great.”


I Can Do It Too!

To a very young person, big people seem so capable! Daddy pours juice and never spills a drop, Grandma bakes a cake effortlessly, and a next door neighbor rides a bike as if he were born on one. Whatever the activity, this little heroine “wants to do it too!”
And so she does- thanks to the love and support of those around her. Is it any surprise that soon she is big enough to pass on loving encouragement to someone even younger?
This simple cadence of the words and the direct-to-the-heart art result in a book that recognizes how satisfying growing up surrounded by love can be.

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Sleeping Beauty – a Picpocket Book

The beautiful illustrations in this rendition of Sleeping Beauty bring new details and style to this favorite fairy tale. Vibrant watercolors relate the timeless story of the princess who sleeps for one hundred years. From an emerald frog to the cascades of roses that twine their way through the story, the rich colors of these painted pages are bound to please!


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