Pickup and Putdowns

May 17, 2011

This is my list of apps that are great for a quick play. For those times when you have a few minutes (or for those of us less fortunate, seconds) to kill and are sick of twiddling your thumbs.


Quick and fun puzzles that can be finished in less than a minute (when you know how to get through that is…)


Olympic Games: Spartan Athletics

Go for a quick run or jump… or even throw. Its fun for a quick game (and even a long one if you have a friend with the same game)


Melon Golf

A great puzzle game, but harder levels cannot be finished quickly. Still, you can analyze levels in 60 second increments, so this makes the quick play list


Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos

I am a muso and this app lets me refresh my skills on the move. Great for little burst of motivation (though they are few and far between)


Angry Birds HD

Others have talked it to death, so you probably already know why its on this list.


Traffic Rush

So simple yet so much fun! The perfect sub-minute app. Hard to only play just once though, and if you are waiting for someone, you will probably miss them as they walk by because you are concentrating so hard… it happened to me… D’oh!


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