Photography Apps for May 2011!

May 5, 2011

May round up of the newest and coolest photography apps!

iDarkroom – Manual Camera, Photo Editor, Best Toon & Hand Drawn Filters

A truly exciting app in a sea of photography apps! This app gives you all the tools to make your dull camera pictures into lomo goodness and gives you much more control since you are able to layer on all the effects you wish to have thus allowing a multitude of options! Two thumbs up!



This photography app has an impressive arsenal of filters that replicate certain cameras and video effects on photos you take or images already in your library. A worthwhile app!



Path is a photography and video based social media app for the iphone. Unlike instagram, this app is more for friends and family and this app can connect to facebook to see who you may want to share your photos with. A very cool app!



We’ve all seen those really cool youtube videos where people take pictures of themselves everyday for years so you see how they mature and transform. This app makes it super easy to do your own version and takes all the leg work out of it. The only thing you have to do is take your picture when this app reminds you to!


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