Photography Apps for June 2011!

Jun 6, 2011

Another month another round of apps to make those drab cell phone photos into works of nostalgic inducing art!


This app takes photo sharing and turns it into a ratings game where you earn points for rating other photos. In a way, it makes you a more conscientious photo-snapper and you want to show your better works to get better ratings. A cool concept and I’m excited to see where this goes!



This iteration of PhotoForge is a powerful photo-editing tool that gives you an astonishing amount of control over the look you want for your photographs. A must have for lomo geeks! (Also, I highly recommend buying the $1.99 POP! camera add-on)


100 Cameras in 1

This app will help you produce some really cool images. You can combine as many filters as you want to produce very different look. I wish that this app gave the user more control over some of the filters, but the results are still amazing and the names of the filters are so poetic, you’ll be put into an artistic frame of mind almost instantly.


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