Photo Makeover iPhone app doesn’t require a visit to the plastic surgeon

Jan 25, 2010

Wow! It works, it really works! No need to go on a diet or visit the plastic surgeon if you want to spice up your headshot or dating Web site pictures. Just download the Photo Makeover iPhone app (99 cents) to slim your face, enlarge your eyes and improve your smile.

I was extremely skeptical when I downloaded this iPhone app, but was quickly convinced once I used the template to fix up some of my photos. I’m not usually so superficial; I’ve never had Botox (yet), but as you get older, pictures just don’t come out so eye-pleasing anymore. Plus, I tend to squint more than the average person, which is easily fixed now.

Before you start, watch the how-to video that is included with the iPhone app to make sure you get the hang of it. Otherwise, you might end up with a stretched face versus a pretty one. And make sure you use a high-quality photo. The iPhone app doesn’t work miracles, so if you use a blurry photo, your results will still be blurry.

First, zoom in on the face in the picture you want to fix. Then, align the four dots, one each on the corner of your left eye, right eye and either side of your mouth. Finally, select manual or facial templates and voila, you’re a supermodel.

Okay, supermodel might be going too far, but you can definitely be a better version of yourself in what was an unflattering photo.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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