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Mar 18, 2010

I am no photographer. I know it and if you saw the pictures I’ve taken you’d know it too. But when I attempted to take decent photos of my boyfriend as he raced his bike in events I saw pretty quickly that these pictures were bad, even for me.

Capturing a fast sport on film is the stuff for high quality digital cameras with big lenses and even bigger price tags. Considering that I often forget to bring the cheaper digital camera I have with us, leaving me only with my iPhone camera, I figured maybe some of these applications would help me capture something worth sharing, or at least something that wasn’t just a horrible blur.

None of these apps will turn your iPhone into the perfect high speed sport capturing machine, but if you use them you might just be able to fudge it a bit, at least enough for a decent Facebook or Flickr post.

Best Camera

When this app says it’s the best camera app it’s no lie. It’s an easy way to take your photos and spruce them up. Much like the Photoshop app it allows you to change the “filters” on your camera to lighten, darken or just color adjust the pictures you’ve taken already.

While this app doesn’t do a heck of a lot for trying to take fast photos, it is excellent for color adjusting those photos taken in the shade or partial sun as can happen at sporting events where the perfect shot is taken only by standing in the way of the action. This app beats out the Photoshop app due to it’s easy of use even for the technically challenged. Worth the pennies to have on your camera as it will also make those landscape and travel photo pics outstanding.


I bought this app because it takes 3 pictures in a quick succession, allowing for a slightly better fast speed capture than you might be able to do on your own. In very fast environments the speed that pictures are taken unfortunately slows down, as the app tries to focus a picture before taking it.

That said it still does a better job of capturing action than you might on your own, and with the well thought out information section and the easy to use features (just hold your finger on something to figure out what it is) it’s worth having this on your phone if you need to take action photos of anything. This app would be perfect for catching your kids at play.

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When I got this app I thought I’d found the perfect solution. But those of you that know about video know that the image captured in video is of lesser quality than the image captured with a picture. What that means is that while you can get the perfect frame of the action you’re recording, the quality of what is shown in that frame suffers.

If you have a chance to play with it you still will be able to capture far more than you could with just one picture and for that reason it’s worth it to have this on your phone if you’re doing a lot of sports photography as every once in a while you will get something truly amazing.

Price: $0.99

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app is pretty similar to the Best Camera app but a little less user friendly. Like the Best Camera app it won’t help you take quicker photos but it will help you light and color adjust the photos you have taken, making that washed out picture have a bit more definition or playing with effects.

Make no mistake, this is not even close to a full Photoshop application but for free you might as well have it on your phone, especially if you don’t want to pay for Best Camera and are willing to play a bit with features to figure out what they do.

Photoshop Express:Photo Editor
Photoshop Express:Photo Editor
Price: Free+

Camera Zoom 4

Not unlike Videopix you’re going to lose something when you zoom in to take a picture. No doubt you’ve noticed that there’s no zoom lens hardware attached to your phone, and for this reason the pictures taken with this app will be less than super high quality.

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Basically this and any zoom app takes a smaller part of the full picture and blows it up, just like you might with a picture you’ve taken on a digital camera and as we all know, eventually this will get grainy.

All that said if the action you want to capture is far away, you might as well get a less than perfect picture where you can tell what’s going on than a bunch of dots off in the distance.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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