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Oct 6, 2017

Having a pet as a companion, partner, and friend can be a life altering experience for many who form very close bonds. Although there are a lot of responsibilities when owning a pet, many tools and devices have been created for the sole purpose of easing the experience and making it more enjoyable. From devices that help to communicate with the pet when the owner is away from home to others that are automatic feeders, the market for pet care is extremely saturated. One of the best apps that is able to capture the majority of pet needs is Fetch My Pet which aggregates pet management tasks into a simple interface.

Through the app, many functions can be accessed which helps both the pet owner and the pet. For example, in being able to connect with the local community, new friends can be made in the area for various events and socializing. Furthermore, this community can be leveraged for emergency situations such as if a pet were to go missing. In this case, the owner could put out a message on the Missing Pets bulletin at which point others nearby will also get a notification. If the pet is found, the finder can then post their status on the app so that the owner is immediately notified. In doing so, members of Fetch My Pet can help and connect with each other in a way that is not possible with other pet apps.

Fetch My Pet acts as a centralized platform for all pet needs

One of the most useful aspects of the app is that many purchases are aggregated onto the app so that it acts as a centralized platform for all pet needs. For example insurance, pet walkers, and supplies can be purchased at highly competitive rates right on the app without having to visit a pet store. To further the notion of being a centralized source, the app also offers the ability to store medical records as well as reminders for health-related events. As a solution that is mobile, all of the immediate needs and information is available right at the fingertip of users.

Despite offering a significant number of tools to make the process of owning a pet easier, a drawback to Fetch My Pet is that the process of setting up an account for the pet can be tedious, especially if there are multiple pets. Fields that need to be filled in include contact information, profile picture, and various details which is time consuming and can act as a deterrent for adding several pets. However, this registration process is a one-time entry and beyond this, the management of pet needs is extremely easy and streamlined. Just as with other tools that require a profile, Fetch My Pet’s registration is the most tedious but is not an issue after once completed.

As Fetch My Pet caters to both cats and dogs which are the most common pets, a large segment of the pet demographic will find the app highly applicable. From networking with other pet owners in the area to finding the best deals for supplies, the app acts as an aggregator for all things pet related to ease the process of owning a pet.

Fetch My Pet
Fetch My Pet
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