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Jan 10, 2017

With fitness on the rise, so has the number of apps tailored around providing more personalized training and goal achievement as a means to replace overpriced personal training. Given that there are so many resources available for those who are looking to become healthier including online videos and mobile applications, choosing the right one which is able to cater to the needs of the specific user can be difficult, especially given the vastness of functions that are scattered across the App Store.

In the realm of working out with others, Pillar Fitness helps individuals who are looking to workout with a partner for a short session or be a teammate in a match, making it ideal for anyone looking go get fit but would like a partner in doing so.

While it may be difficult to coordinate with friends in order to schedule workouts consistently, going beyond a familiar workout network may be necessary. In the event that a partner cannot be found either for a workout or for a sport match, Pillar Fitness can match up those in the area with similar interest so that users can perform their fitness or sporting activities together. With this, studies have shown that working out with others is more effective to achieving fitness goals as having partners makes users accountable for keeping up with the schedule for greater consistency. Through this, the app is highly applicable for those who may lack the discipline or motivation of lone physical activities.

Beyond just simple workouts and sporting matches, other activities that are applicable to the app include tennis, yoga, swimming, weightlifting, kayaking, running, calisthenics, dancing, and walking in order to foster partnerships no matter what the activity may be.  Overall, Pillar Fitness gives its users the opportunity to try new fitness activities, connect with their community, and meet others while getting fit. Although other fitness apps are geared towards providing personal assistance in the form of tailored training, Pillar Fitness aims to connect those with similar interests.

Unique in nature, the app does come at a cost which makes it less competitive compared to other free fitness apps as users must pay per session that they are looking for another partner. Although this is a cheaper alternative than getting a personal trainer, the cost associated with the process of finding a partner can deter potential users from getting the app as networking at local gyms or sporting arenas is costless. However, the app is able to provide a strong and supportive fitness community that is always ready to help users in achieving their fitness goals.

Furthermore, the app comes with useful information on the profile page which helps users in selecting the right partner. On every profile, for example, there is the bio, an image, badges earned, as well as interests. There also includes other feedback such as usage counter, star rating, and comments from users, all of which is aimed at assisting its users in finding the right fitness partner. While personal fitness trainers can be extremely costly, Pillar Fitness provides a cheaper alternative of connecting like-minded individuals to get the most out of a workout in a more social environment.

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