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Apr 25, 2017

Cards are an essential way of letting someone know you’re thinking of them at a particular time. It could be a postcard with details and pictures of your travels; a moving in card sent to their new address; something to tell them your thoughts are with them at a difficult time. It’s not always easy to pick the right card up within a busy lifestyle, however, and important dates can often be missed. That’s where MyPostcard fits in, by offering easy and accessible way of sending personalised postcards and greeting cards whenever you need to.

MyPostcard allows you to design, personalise, and send postcards and greeting cards, as well as print a selection of photos. Designing your card is simple. With both postcards and greeting cards you’ll be offered a selection of different styles, depending on how many photos you want on the front and how you prefer them to be placed. There are ten options, enough to create some variety in each card, but not too much that you’re overwhelmed with the decision. Once this has been chosen you can select which photos you want on the cover, and these can be picked from your camera roll or taken at that exact moment: the latter is useful for people who want to capture that precise moment of their travels on a postcard. You then have the option to write on the back of the postcard or inside the greeting card, add more photos should you wish, and then preview the whole thing. If you’re happy with how it looks, type the address of the recipient, pay either with app-credits, PayPal, or credit card (costs are £1.99 for a postcard and £2.99 for a greeting card), and send. It’s as easy as that.

If you don’t want to personalise the whole card then you do have the option to add themes, of which there are hundreds. Different categories like ‘Get Well’ and ‘Mother’s Day’ make it easy to find the relevant theme, and Bestseller and Trending tabs mean you can keep up to date with what’s currently popular. Whichever theme you decide on the following procedure is the same as with personally-made postcards and greeting cards, and prices are the same.

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The ability to print photos is a helpful one. Not everyone has access to printing services, and even if they do the majority of photos are taken on mobile phones today. Having to transfer photos to a computer, sort them, pile them on a memory stick, and take them to a printing shop is time consuming. MyPostcard allows you to pick up to 30 photos at a time directly from your phone and can print them for you in either polaroid-style, square, or regular shapes. The cost of 30 photos is £10.99 which, considering you can do it directly from your phone, is good value for money.

MyPostcard makes it easier than ever to send someone that special and important message, and ensures that the sentimental value of cards remains intact.

There are websites which allow you to do a similar thing to MyPostcard, but sometimes they can prove to be as difficult as physically going out and buying one. MyPostcard compresses everything you look for and need into one simple-to-use app, and makes sending cards and printing photos effortless. It allows you to design cards in whichever way you want, and even if you don’t want it too personalised, the selection of themes it provides is as good as any you’ll find in a card shop. The prices are similar to what you’d find in a good-quality store, but being able to send the card from your phone makes it more cost-effective and much easier. With the top-up system you don’t even have to worry about paying directly every time, which is especially useful for those who send cards often. MyPostcard makes it easier than ever to send someone that special and important message, and ensures that the sentimental value of cards remains intact.

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